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paiza Online Hackathon Vol.6:POH6
At that time, she will be a hero...

Big battle of high school girl! - The Cobool Civilization Strikes Back -

Coboor Virus strikes internet world. Could genius high school students, Kyoko, Rio, Tsubame beat up Coboor? and save the world?


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This problem will decide world's fate...
And there is a Strongest enemy...
Who's going to challenge to Coboor? (Choose your character)

Your code will save the world!?

Choose one of your character. And challenge Coboor Virus problem.If you can solve this problem, you can save their world.Could they save the world?! And which girl do you choose?

Language(Java,C,C++C#,PHP,Ruby,Python,Perl,JavaScript). Your code will be tested by multiple test cases. You will get a score based on the number of the successful answers, and running time.

* We will use one test case for one code execution.

  • POH is a public programming challenge. There is no time limit.
  • You can try these challenges multiple times.
  • And also you can publish your code in public. (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub)
Let's save the world with us!

How to play

STEP1 Write code

STEP2 Compile and test the code

STEP3 Submit

STEP4 Then, we will show your score!

STEP5 Publish the model answer (You must have registered to paiza)


  • *Your code may published to the others with your nickname.

Event schedule,


Submission Period
Sep 1 (Thu) - Oct 6 (Thu)
Examination period
Oct 7 (Wed) - Oct 13 (Thu)
Result announcement
Oct 14 (Wed)


6 sets of Momoya "Gohandesuyo" for 3.  Intel Edison Kit for Arduino for 1. Winner will be chosen by lottery and only Japanese residents are eligible for the prize.

Events Terms

  •  In this campaign, problems open to the public, you can try these challenges without membership registration. However, when submitting, it is assumed that you are familiar with the following important notice.
  • *Important Points*
  • (1) Membership registration is not required, but it is necessary to register an email address. However, we will not use this email address for any other purposes outside of this campaign.
  • (2) Existing members may also take these challenges in this campaign, but the result has no effect on personal skill ranks (paiza rank), please note this in advance.
  • (3) The copyright of submitted code belongs to the examinee, but we will make that code open to the public on our website, SNS, etc., and may use it freely. This complies fully with the rules of use, in Article 5, section 2.
  • (4) Your submitted code may not be completely preserved. You should preserve your submitted code by yourself.

Paiza is a coding career change site for IT/Web engineers.

Coding test supported languages

Expected coding period is 20 minutes! Supported languages are Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and JavaScript.

Primary interview without document screening, Company inspection

Depending on you scores, you can skip document screening process and can have casual interview, a job offer may be possible by companies seeking workers. Until, applying, results are not reported to companies seeking workers.

Collected job offer tickets from the programmer’s perspective

The thorough collection of development techniques, development environment, tools used, method of evaluation and supervisor profiles necessary for job selection of engineers and programmers.

Automatic scoring

Checking code with several test cases, calculating scores by memory usage and execution speed. At the time of an interview, we will ask about the source code.

Problems are organized by 2 questions per elementary, intermediate, and advance levels.

Problems are organized by rank S,A,B,C,D. Problems can be worked on one at a time. The best algorythym in the time limit!

Possibility of a re-challenge

We update problems every week! It is possible to challenge problems of the same rank when updated. It is also optimum to practice skill-ups.


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Summary chart

Summary by language

The number of submissions, and the number of selection for each route.


The number of submission

Kirishima selected

Rio selected

Tsubamae selected


963 submission

362 select

357 select

244 select


670 submission

200 select

298 select

172 select


969 submission

246 select

470 select

253 select


787 submission

234 select

352 select

201 select


213 submission

57 select

101 select

55 select


979 submission

328 select

426 select

225 select


1195 submission

363 select

560 select

272 select


727 submission

238 select

337 select

152 select


301 submission

92 select

123 select

86 select


21 submission

4 select

11 select

6 select


73 submission

39 select

19 select

15 select


51 submission

21 select

21 select

9 select


100 submission

39 select

32 select

29 select


14 submission

3 select

5 select

6 select


77 submission

7 select

20 select

50 select


12 submission

5 select

5 select

2 select


20 submission

4 select

11 select

5 select


49 submission

8 select

10 select

31 select


12 submission

3 select

3 select

6 select


10 submission

3 select

4 select

3 select


160 submission

54 select

67 select

39 select


18 submission

7 select

6 select

5 select


49 submission

15 select

23 select

11 select