Mission Minami: sayo22's result

Test case 1


Run time: 0.01 sec

Test case 2


Run time: 0.01 sec

Test case 3


Run time: 0.01 sec

Test case 4


Run time: 0.01 sec

Test case 5


Run time: 0.01 sec

* Test cases are run from 1 in order. If there is a test case that does not pass, the subsequent test case does not run (knockout system)


Result img minamigood
100 pt My super smash hit app is complete!
Language: C++
Minami: “Tatsu is wonderful! When doing, it's possible, here!”
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Img end minami onigiri
Is it too easy for you ? One more challenge for you !

International Programming Competition

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【POH vol.5+】Rena and Minami International Programming Competition

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Is it too easy for you ? One more challenge for you !

Paiza is a coding career change site for IT/Web engineers.

Coding test supported languages

Expected coding period is 20 minutes! Supported languages are Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and JavaScript.

Primary interview without document screening, Company inspection

Depending on you scores, you can skip document screening process and can have casual interview, a job offer may be possible by companies seeking workers. Until, applying, results are not reported to companies seeking workers.

Collected job offer tickets from the programmer’s perspective

The thorough collection of development techniques, development environment, tools used, method of evaluation and supervisor profiles necessary for job selection of engineers and programmers.

Automatic scoring

Checking code with several test cases, calculating scores by memory usage and execution speed. At the time of an interview, we will ask about the source code.

Problems are organized by 2 questions per elementary, intermediate, and advance levels.

Problems are organized by rank S,A,B,C,D. Problems can be worked on one at a time. The best algorythym in the time limit!

Possibility of a re-challenge

We update problems every week! It is possible to challenge problems of the same rank when updated. It is also optimum to practice skill-ups.

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